Princess Parties

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Favourite Princesses at Ta Dah are The Snow Queen, The ice princess, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The little mermaid (human) and Rapunzel. They are always very excited to get invited to a little princess birthday party.

A Mobile Princess Party:

Ta Dah will arrive 30mins before the party starts to set up and prep the room.

Your chosen princess will welcome your guests once they arrive and help them chose some magical dress up items from our dress up chests.

A quick introduction and some story telling will help your guests settled down upon arrival and become great friends with your chosen princess.

The Princesses will be taught how to become a real princess!

Throughout the party different games will be played.

Depending on what party package you have chosen depends when the children eat.  If your princess is there for 1 hour then the children eat at the end when she leaves. If it is a 2 hour party then the children eat after 1 hour as they usually need refuelling!

The Birthday Song and Cake can be done during or just before food, so you can cut it ready for when your guests leave.


The princess can include some dancing toward the end of the party.A27I0036

As the party comes to an end your chosen princess entertainer will pose for photographs, help hand out party bags and of course present the birthday child with her birthday gift.

Catering for a wide age range at a party:

Once you have booked your princess party with Ta-Dah we will discuss different options to cater for all age ranges invited.



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